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The value in friendship

  The heart is empty, A soul cries, devoid Of hope. Anxiety traps   And holds. A gasp of breath, A whimper escapes. She speaks, And in confession somehow,   Hope renews. Through trust built Over time, an intimacy Fostered, by disclosing concerns,   Recounting moments of joy, The value in friendship Is immense, immeasurable.… Continue reading The value in friendship

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The three terrors

Three little terrors Take over my life Demanding, fighting To get their way.   Three little militants Ask all day long 'Canni'ave?' 'Canni'ave?' Incessant noise, constant sound.   Three little beauties Have my heart Despite the noise The demands, the fights.   These three little terrors Are my world They hold me, teach me New… Continue reading The three terrors


Dark and light

  The little girl shrunk Her doll fell to the floor A shadow cast its sense Of fear and danger.   The room darkened The shadow grew to fill The entire space Heart pumped, loud.   The doll spoke to her 'Come to me and You'll be safe.' Obediently, she went.   The doll was… Continue reading Dark and light


At the nail salon

Eyes sparkling, hair shining A laugh that tinkles My girl is radiant.   Mum and daughter time A treat, special, fun My girl is radiant.   Fingers and toes glittering She smiles, says thank you My girl is radiant.     Photo by nic on Unsplash