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A fact about me

Here's a little snippet A fact about dreary old me I am nice and sweet, I choose to be kind to all I meet.   I will give you all of me You will have my respect, My laughter, my support And my friendship.   If something goes awry Between us, I will make Every… Continue reading A fact about me


The mess

  A jumble of thoughts and secrets Bedraggled, hopeless and lost On life's pathway.   Then, you came along Gave direction, a treasure And a well of hope.   You let me be wholly me Talk through the messy space That had once been my life.   Our mess now is one of Love, life,… Continue reading The mess


For Hubster

  My constant fortress My rock, my guiding light My love, my life, my companion On life's path.   You are my friend, lover, Bearer of my jibes and jaunts You love and love and Never cease to cheer.   Together we are one Together we face life's Shitty times, life's good times And together… Continue reading For Hubster


For Sophie

  A little creature swam Desperate to find its home It wiggled and wriggled And squiggled and squirmed. The creature raced against Thousands of others, there was No way to know which of Them was winning.   The creature found its soft And welcoming home It burrowed in, broke the hardy Shell of protection. The… Continue reading For Sophie