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Working together

Sarah and Craig lay awake in their bed. Not touching, not speaking. The space between them a gaping chasm. Sarah pondered this while she stared at the ceiling. His job loss, and his interfering mother were part of the problem. But it wasn't the main reason. She pushed the thought back down, back into its… Continue reading Working together

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Season of hope

Autumn is my favourite season, but of course, here in Australia, it's spring. Spring is lovely too. Today, for example, there's a clear blue sky, cloud cover that occasionally hides the sun's rays. There's a lovely cool breeze that makes the leaves in the trees dance and sway. I've always found that spring brings us… Continue reading Season of hope

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Generation Bamboozle

Feel the sense of foreboding A generation bamboozled Live with depression Suicide Ignorance Loneliness Leaders blinded by arrogance, power greed Refuse to see the ripple of selfish decisions Enough. Act now, Save the future Our children. Photo by Atharva Tulsi on Unsplash

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Across the garden

The vista from the bedroom window is pristine. Neatly mowed lawn and trimmed edges. Not a leaf on the paved pathway. Verdant green shrubbery, and bright coloured flowers: peonies, roses, nasturtiums, and daisies. Marianne's garden gives her much pleasure. Although, she's really upped the amount of work she pours into it, given the ongoing lockdowns.… Continue reading Across the garden

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Nerves and Friendships

'I'm nervous.' Shelley needn't have spoken; her legs were twitching, her face was flushed with pinkish hues. Her fingers, with their perfectly manicured nails, trembled. 'Yeah, I can see that,' said Beth, suppressing a chuckle. Shelley smiled. 'You're the best.' 'What? Why?' 'Because you always know what to say. Especially in times like this.' Beth… Continue reading Nerves and Friendships