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Poor Lamb

Staunch and robust I may usually be, but this cold has set its steely grasp upon me and will not let go. Thursday, I was coming good. Yesterday, I decided to take another day off work, which turned out to be a very good idea. Initially I'd planned to revel in the viewing pleasure of… Continue reading Poor Lamb

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Sound of wings tapping

The moth flickers around the ceiling light. I lie naked on my bed, the warm air leaving my skin damp, sweat glistening like tiny jewels on my arms and flat belly. Cam's asleep, snoring. I watch the moth, my heartbeat quickening, ready to fling myself out of bed if it flies low. My phobia of… Continue reading Sound of wings tapping

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The Break In

I creep into the courtyard. The darkness is a blanket over the sky; I can't even see a single star shining. The moon's glow is faint. I turn on the torch on my iPhone, just for a second, to see the path ahead. Continuing to stalk along the tiles, the night's chill envelopes me. I… Continue reading The Break In