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Battle Within

It's been over a week since I last spoke with her. My last words were shocking, unforgivable. No wonder I've not heard a peep. I have left numerous---I've lost count---messages on her voicemail, pleading clemency, stupidity. Ignorance. White male privilege, even. Making a cup of tea, I wonder how much longer this can go on.… Continue reading Battle Within

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Throwing out the plan

This post follows from One Night. Click on the link to read. In the light of day, Annabelle wonders if she's making a mistake. She tucks her precious list in her underwear drawer, beneath the stash of Bonds knickers. Tim will never find it there. He's long gone. Off to work in his high-vis vest… Continue reading Throwing out the plan

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One night

After he rolls off, Annabelle turns away from him, wipes the tears from her eyes. Perfunctory. It was almost as swift as the mating display that she'd giggled at as a thirteen-year-old, while watching a David Attenborough documentary in a geography lesson. Her teacher had fussed and squirmed at the front of the class, which… Continue reading One night

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Marge’s Bomb

Being with him is simpatico. It's easy, smooth, like taking a breath. We're in sync. I have this thought as I watch him drive away in our Ford Falcon GT, hot off the production line. Our toddler waves goodbye from her vantage point on my hip, her pudgy fist opening and closing. She blows her… Continue reading Marge’s Bomb

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We kiss. Gently. I hold onto his hand and feel a tear glide down my cheek. As our lips part, his gaze holds my own. His eyes are glistening with emotion; sadness and regret mix with the chocolate brown of his irises. 'I'm sorry,' he whispers. 'Me too.' I slip my hand from his and… Continue reading Goodbye