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Escape through the forest

My breath comes in short, raspy gasps. I jump over a tree stump, my feet land on the twiggy undergrowth and, for a second, I fear I will tumble. But my body remains upright, my legs keep running. I can hear Nath behind me, to the left. I glance that way, but I can't see… Continue reading Escape through the forest

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The hours between

It's Good Friday here in Australia. I'm reminding my children, especially T1 who is bemoaning there is nothing to watch besides (countless, pointless) YouTube clips (with annoying American gamers), that when I was their age I went to church on Good Friday ALL DAY. We were rushed out the door before 8.30AM and arrived back… Continue reading The hours between

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Lost and Found

In what now seems like forever ago but in actuality was only Monday, T1 came home from school without his new school bag. Day Three of secondary school. To be fair and clear, it wasn't his fault. Another student had taken it at the end of the day by mistake. Fortunately, his phone, textbooks and… Continue reading Lost and Found

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New beginnings

Big morning in our house. T1 and T2 began their first day in secondary school. They are excited and apprehensive, in equal measure I believe. Although if you ask them, they'll say they're fine. It's been a tricky month. The January school holidays are always long, hot and confining—in this family anyway—but this year, we've… Continue reading New beginnings

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To the promised land

'Increase your profile. Build your brand. It's the only way to market,' says the woman on stage. I roll my eyes and slump in my seat. My hands are crossed over my chest. My friend, Rose, who brought me here is next to me, lapping up every word, her glasses pinching her nose. She's even… Continue reading To the promised land