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Into the Night

'What is that? Up ahead?' 'Oh God,' said Ben. 'It can't be the police. Surely. Not at this time of night.' Tammy and Ben are driving through the night. Hopeful that they'll sneak across the border without being stopped. 'It looks like a person.' They're too far away, and it's too dark for Tammy to… Continue reading Into the Night

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Road Trip

Tomorrow morning, Wednesday AEST, we set off for our Christmas adventure in South Australia. After depositing our cat to the vet for boarding, we'll begin our road trip. A billowing breeze behind us and a car filled with suitcases, hidden Father Christmas presents, excited children and me and Hubster. We're breaking up the nine-hour trip… Continue reading Road Trip

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She can breathe now. Two hours ago, on an empty country road, Marie had been blissfully driving, her favourite song blaring from the stereo. She was singing when the car bumped over a pothole. She thought nothing more about it until ten kilometres further along, it shuddered and gasped. Her heart skipped. 'Come on Bertha,'… Continue reading Breakdown

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Family Outing

We decided to take a day trip. Mostly, the decision was based on getting everyone out of the house and off devices. Where to go was the most difficult question, but we eventually decided on South Gippsland, specifically a small township near Wilson's Promontory. Just to add to the spontaneity factor, we threw in everyone's… Continue reading Family Outing