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Over it!

Frazzled. Good word to describe how I'm feeling this morning. Yet another week of the kids being home while undertaking online classes. Yet another week of me working from home. It's not bad, though. I keep reminding myself that things could always be worse. I guess I just feel like everyone else: over it, want… Continue reading Over it!

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Listicle of thoughts

I have a maundering brain today. Here's a preview, with my deepest apologies: Gloomy day. Grey clouds, persistent rain, but not terribly cold. Going slightly crazy. Shut indoors. Home-schooled children who open the fridge and pantry with alarming regularity, looking for food. I guess they're bored and going crazy too, but jayzuz! Need to visit… Continue reading Listicle of thoughts

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After Hannah

This short story follows on from The Truth of the Evening. Click here to read it.   After Hannah's death, I locked myself away, hidden in my bedroom. Under the covers, hair askew, sleep boogers encrusted in the corners of my eyes. Feral dog's breath and furry teeth. What did I have to look forward… Continue reading After Hannah

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After she’s gone

The screen goes blank. I bang on its side, trying to bash it back to life. Nothing. 'Don't do that!' Dad yells. 'That costs a lot of money, you know.' 'Yeah, well it's useless now.' I push my chair back; it falls down with a crash as I stomp away. 'Let me have a look.'… Continue reading After she’s gone

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Maggie at the park

Maggie leaps across the puddle to catch up. Her daughter is running ahead; it's amazing how fast toddlers can be. Nobody ever tells you that. In every book, there's no mention that they are quick little buggers. It's one of life's allusions, Maggie reckons, that parents can keep up with their children. 'Peggy! Wait for… Continue reading Maggie at the park