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On my own

I am an extrovert. I love to be around people. This means I feel lonely in solitude, not alive. Don't misunderstand though, I love the peace and quiet that comes from a moment on my own. A day in my home without my cherubs. And on that note: school's back next week. Yippee kai yay… Continue reading On my own

Family, Melbourne, Parenting, Writing

Twin lunch

I am watching T1 and T2 devour their lunch. Sure, they are hungry, but they're also gobbling food as I've told them they can have their iPads after lunch. Sneaky little chaps tried to begin eating at 11.15AM, but I'm all over that nonsense. Ha! It is school holidays. I have had a couple of… Continue reading Twin lunch


Going back. A shout-out to child care educators.

This afternoon, I took my three children for a visit to the child-care centre we used when they were pre-schoolers. It's the winter school holidays here in Melbourne, and it's cold. There's not a lot of outdoor fun happening in our house, and it's only day three. But I knew I needed to get the… Continue reading Going back. A shout-out to child care educators.