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Brooke’s outing

Brooke grabs her car keys and closes the front door. Her heart flutters, like a butterfly has been released behind her ribs. She pauses on the verandah and draws breath. Her body sways; she presses her hand against the wall to steady herself. It's the belligerent nature of others that causes her to feel untethered.… Continue reading Brooke’s outing

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Nelly and Paul

It strikes Nelly anew that trust is built over minutes, hours, years. Decades even, if you get that far. She sips her chamomile tea; its calming aroma does its job. She sighs, and dries her eyes. When Paul came home last night, she knew immediately that something was amiss. 'You right?' she asked, looking up… Continue reading Nelly and Paul

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Will’s Decision

This post follows on from Will's Dismissal.   Will stands on the footpath, holding his box of possessions. The leaves on his peace lily wilt, a perfect metaphor for his life right now. He checks the Uber app on his phone; the driver still two minutes away. He watches as people bustle around him. Corporate… Continue reading Will’s Decision

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Will’s Dismissal

'There is no polite way to put this,' Irena says. Will watches as Irena's eyes flash; her cheeks are red, flushed. He holds his breath, waiting for the bitch to bite. Then he's going for her jugular. 'But you're not performing according to the position description. You've missed all your KPIs over the last six… Continue reading Will’s Dismissal

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Sleep School

'It's a myth! Totally baseless and unproven,' Karen cries. She heaves herself off the sofa and moves into my kitchen. Opening the fridge door, I hear the wine bottle scrape against the shelf as she pulls it out. She unscrews the lid, looks over at me and says, 'Wanna 'nother glass?' This is her way… Continue reading Sleep School