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Lisa’s Dream

In moments like this, Lisa wished she was one of those types who rejected authority figures. Mr Dean was towering over her, his smile showing his crooked, rotting teeth. His greasy, slicked-back hair smelt like bananas. Lisa gulped down bile. Seconds ago, he'd asked her to mop the spacious foyer floor. For no other reason… Continue reading Lisa’s Dream

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Home again

It's 9AM here on Saturday morning. Our Girl and I have had an early netball match, but we are home again, safely returned to the nest. It was a frustrating game to coach today. Our team was superior in terms of their skills and understanding of the rules, but we lost. Why did we lose?… Continue reading Home again

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Parent guilt

Yesterday morning was one of those crazy moments in parenting. I had two netball games to coach, at the same venue, one time-slot in the fixture apart (equivalent to about thirty-five minutes). T1's soccer game was earlier but in a suburb twenty minutes away, and T2 had his regular tutoring appointment at our local library,… Continue reading Parent guilt

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At Soccer Training

Last night, I took T1 to soccer training. For some reason all other activities, except soccer, cease for school holidays. That's OK, though. Our trips in the car to and from training, and the hour we spend there are fast becoming my favourite moments of this year. Given it's holidays, numbers were down at training.… Continue reading At Soccer Training

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Fitness and Disappointment

The light breeze caused a leaf to dance across the grass. I stared in awe as it blew along. Around me were twelve individuals, plus our trainer, all stretching after our cross-training circuit in the local park. It had been an intense workout, lots of cardio, push-ups and burpees. We went our separate ways, smiling,… Continue reading Fitness and Disappointment