The Forecast Here

I am here in my local library, while T2 has private tutoring. His brother has come along as well, to play on the computer for the hour. After two days of weather forecast in the 40s, we are experiencing a more bearable expected high of around 26°C, although there is a reasonably high humidity percentage… Continue reading The Forecast Here


A room for Karen (short fiction)

It was dark when the crash woke Karen. Her eyelids flew open. What was that? After a few seconds, her sight adjusted to the darkness. Where am I? Unable to get her bearings, she swung her legs to get up. They didn't move. Her arms, too, were lead. What's happening? Panic rose, filling her mouth… Continue reading A room for Karen (short fiction)

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The job search process

I am busy applying for jobs. Each day, I receive emails from online job search sites, such as seek or indeed. I flick through and I apply for any role I think I'm well matched to. The part that scores deep with each application is the key selection criteria. When did this become so cumbersome.… Continue reading The job search process

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The pain of the day

By sitting to write this post, I provoke my own sanity, my patience and my body's agility. You see, I have had the privilege of doing some paid writing. As a freelancer, I try to avoid saying no to work. I'm thrilled, honoured and, if I'm honest, a little surprised that others pay me to… Continue reading The pain of the day


What dominates your life?

What are your hopes and expectations for your life? Do these hopes, these expectations form a dominant thought process in your day-to-day life? When I think about my own hopes and expectations over my life, I realise they have changed and morphed as I have grown, but they rarely dominated my life path. I was… Continue reading What dominates your life?