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It's spring in Melbourne. Such a gorgeous time of year. My tree-lined street is filled with buds and blossom; the air warms and everybody bustles about, keen to crawl out from hibernation. Well, not this year. It's still spring---the government hasn't been able to alter the seasons---but we are all withheld from our usual happy… Continue reading Spring?

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On the edge

She stands on the edge. Fear courses through her veins. Every inch of her body feels alive. Ironic, that this moment is when she can taste vigour, life. That now, finally, she thinks she can function. Peeking over the precipice, she see the cerulean bay. Looking towards the horizon, the magnificent sea of blue stretches… Continue reading On the edge

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Portrait of Will

The portrait hangs on the wall. A reminder of better times. Sarah doesn't notice it most of the time, but today she's dusting the sideboard underneath it. As she picks up the candle to dust underneath, she looks at him. His dark chocolate eyes are staring back at her. Such a handsome, symmetrical face. Tears… Continue reading Portrait of Will

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Elle’s Demise

The heat saps strength, leaving Elle desperately tired. Her muscles ache, a gentle throbbing in her hips and thighs. Her shoulders are ropy. She'd like to retire. But it's still years away. Five if she's lucky, if she's done her sums correctly. More like twenty, if the conspiracy theorists are right. Elle heaves herself out… Continue reading Elle’s Demise


Dave’s Letter (short story)

The fine thin paper was folded in halves. It fell from her hands and fluttered to the floor. Molly didn't need to open the letter to know it was from Dave. Before... Her blood pumped ker-thump, ker-thump all the way to her fingertips. Sweat beads gathered on her brow, the back of her neck, behind… Continue reading Dave’s Letter (short story)