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Let’s celebrate this wide, grand land

Here's a post I wrote two years ago, about our nation and Australia Day. I still think changing the date to celebrate this great country is no solution. The past can never be changed. But we can strive harder to embrace all people, regardless of ethnicity, skin colour and religious views. Choose kindness, in other… Continue reading Let’s celebrate this wide, grand land

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Hot January days

In January in Australia, the days blur. Frequently, the sun scorches its heat, making footpaths burn, sand sting, seat belts sear onto bare skin, and the steering wheel leaves hands reddened. Shady parking spots in car parks are hotly (pun intended) contested, even for a quick nip into the supermarket for milk or bread. For… Continue reading Hot January days

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Blink and you’ll miss it

There is a rumour going around that the school holidays are almost over. Here in Victoria, we have just over a week until the kids return to begin a new school year. I can't friggin' wait. A quick glance over Facebook this morning showed lots of posts from bloggers asking for readers' opinions of how… Continue reading Blink and you’ll miss it


Let’s celebrate this wide, grand land

The date is approaching fast. Tension is in the air. Politics is taking over. Opinions are aired over social media, most often in a way that is divisive and rude. Polls are cast, most often the results are skewed or ill-represented. It is supposed to be a day to celebrate who we are, our uniqueness.… Continue reading Let’s celebrate this wide, grand land

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Power of Music

As I sit to write today's word prompt, it is four o'clock here in Melbourne; a much later attempt for my efforts in the daily prompt. It is Saturday, and we've been on a family outing to the Portarlington Mussel Festival. Portarlington is a quaint seaside township on the Bellarine Peninsula, about one and a… Continue reading Power of Music