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In class

'Today, students, we're writing about utopia,' Mrs Bottrom, the teacher said. Her class group slumped in their chairs, some even with their heads resting on the table. Only one made eye contact with her. Millie Knoxfield. The girl was clever, exceptionally so, and Nellie Bottrom's years as a teacher told her this student would make… Continue reading In class

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Mrs Tarrant’s Class

'No weekly prize will be awarded from now on,' said Mrs Tarrant. Every child in the classroom groaned with disappointment. The three boys in the back of the cross-legged huddle took the opportunity to rough-house with each other. Benji wrestled Ollie to the ground, which meant that his twin, Harry, rolled on top of Benji.… Continue reading Mrs Tarrant’s Class

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The Teacher

'Let me finish,' Mr Bell says. Millie closes her mouth but her anger is clear. Her cheeks an incandescent pinkish red and her fists are clenched at her sides. Mr Bell draws breath. Disappointment in Millie is brewing, gathering strength and threatening to infiltrate his words, tone and body language. His shoulders are tensed so… Continue reading The Teacher