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Wheels falling off

Gawd, three weeks until the kidlets can go back to school and I can return to work. The wheels of productivity are loosening; the lights of inspiration flickering. I bob in a sea of disconnectedness with the world of work. But fear not, my fickle ways shall be overcome. I shall rise to the challenge… Continue reading Wheels falling off

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The Beetle

The woman's hips moved, enticing and encouraging. Brad was mesmerised. It was as if her dance was meant for him. An invitation. For all of her, in all the moments that lie ahead. 'Did you hear me?' Scarlett asked, her tinny voice snapping him back to reality. Her eyes were wide, accusing. She sighed, an… Continue reading The Beetle

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On tour

'Follow the guidelines, please and there will be no trouble.' This was the tour guide. Dressed in a polo shirt with an indeterminable logo, cargo pants, and hiking boots, he looked the part. Even down to his wide-rimmed sun hat that covered his stick-out ears and the fat flab at the back of his neck.… Continue reading On tour

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The trip of a lifetime

Roxie stands in her back yard. Her arms are clasped tight around her torso to ward off the chill of the night air. The moon sits just above the horizon; Roxie checks her watch. Seven o'clock and already dark. It'll soon be winter. But she'll be out of here by then. Her ticket is purchased.… Continue reading The trip of a lifetime

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The hours between

It's Good Friday here in Australia. I'm reminding my children, especially T1 who is bemoaning there is nothing to watch besides (countless, pointless) YouTube clips (with annoying American gamers), that when I was their age I went to church on Good Friday ALL DAY. We were rushed out the door before 8.30AM and arrived back… Continue reading The hours between