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A homecoming

I moved from Adelaide to Melbourne as a young woman, in my mid-twenties. The first time I went back to visit, I was astonished to see the city of Adelaide and its surrounds, as if through fresh eyes. As the plane began its descent, the first thing that struck me was the lack of hills… Continue reading A homecoming

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Thoughts on a new year

The new year brings a new perspective. That's why many of us make resolutions. We strive to better ourselves, push our perceived boundaries, extend our minds. Social media is full of memes about fresh beginnings or posts from friends wishing us a happier and healthier lifestyle. I wonder, how did we make our thoughts known… Continue reading Thoughts on a new year

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The past few days here in Melbourne have been beautiful. Spring is here, and I think everyone feels a little lighter, brighter as we shrug off our winter blankets. There is an energy force that is stirring everyone. I actually like winter. I don't mind the cold weather and I think Melbourne has a needlessly… Continue reading Spring

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Time is fluid, ticking, precious. This might seem obvious, but most of us take it for granted. I know I do. On Thursday of this week, I will start a job. It's part-time, during school hours, so I'll still have time to write my manuscript and dabble here on my blog, as well as all… Continue reading Time