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'Come back, Sally! You're going to jeopardise the whole trip,' yelled Luke. I stomped away from him, clambering down the hill, biting the inside of my cheek. Luke and his trip could go to hell, for all I cared. He'd planned it for over a year. A trek across the unpopulated, breathtaking and varied landscape… Continue reading Trek

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Once the world has got this virus somewhat under control, what are the chances of everyone's dreams of wanderlust becoming reality? We're trapped at the moment. In Melbourne, quite literally. Trapped in lock down complete with a night curfew and other draconian measures that leave us little choice but to dream. My Instagram feed is… Continue reading Wanderlust

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Homecoming Party

'Welcome home!' A chorus of voices chant as I walk into the room. 'Wow, guys!' I glance around the room. Roughly forty people are crammed into my tiny living room, raising glasses of champagne. Someone hands me a glass of my own. A homecoming surprise party is the last thing I want right now. But… Continue reading Homecoming Party

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Coming home

'Circle round the back,' I say to Ben. We've been driving for six hours. Stopped at a roadside motel and spent a night in a flea-ridden bed. We both rose at 5AM, itchy and groggy. I briefly contemplated a hot shower to wake up and maybe burn off the fleas, but one glance at the… Continue reading Coming home

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Eleanor’s visit

'Morning John,' Eleanor said, entering his small room. 'Who are you?' he snarled. Life had been dark, colourless since John lost his memory. 'I'm Eleanor.' 'I had a wife called Eleanor.' 'I am your wife, darling.' 'Nah, you're an ugly bitch. Eleanor was loving and kind. Beautiful.' He glared accusingly at her. He remained seated… Continue reading Eleanor’s visit