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The interview

'Journalist,' I say, jutting my chin high. 'Can I get through please?' The crowd has swelled from the city building into the street. Minutes earlier, I had pushed my way to the front, only to bump into the chest of this mountain man. The badge weaved into his shirt reads KEEP SAFE SECURITY. He looks… Continue reading The interview

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Time to shine

Celeste is still on the call but jumps up and down in excitement. She hangs up the phone and claps her hands. 'Nath! Where are you?' she calls. 'Here,' he responds. Celeste follows his voice and finds him in the studio. He's stooped over the bench, cleaning his brushes; he turns his head to look… Continue reading Time to shine

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The nuggets in Prime

Just before Christmas, we signed up for a month of free access to Amazon Prime. We did so in exchange for free delivery on numerous Year 7 textbooks we purchased for our boys' school requirements. I admit, I had no idea of the content available aside from The Grand Tour, on which T1 and Hubster… Continue reading The nuggets in Prime

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Offer for Patricia

'But what will I have to do?' Patricia asked. Her cheeks were flushed, a deep rosy red and she was wringing her hands. 'Oh, it's nothing too dramatic,' Mr Burns replied. 'Pretty cushy, really. Answer telephone calls, grab morning tea orders from staff and phone them through to the cafe. Stationery orders. Greet visitors, sign… Continue reading Offer for Patricia

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Harsh light of day

When the light streamed through the windows, Mathew rolled over. 'Ah, cock!' he moaned. 'What's wrong?' I asked. 'Too bright,' he croaked, ducking his head under the covers. 'Head hurts.' I clamped my mouth shut, lest I say something I would later regret. My thoughts wandered back to last night, my warnings to him to… Continue reading Harsh light of day