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Finally! From midnight tonight retail, hospitality and other businesses can reopen. The invisible Ring of Steel that cuts a swath around metropolitan Melbourne is gone---well, sometime early next month we'll be allowed to travel into regional Victoria without fear of a drone following to catch and subsequently deliver fines. I wonder if there'll be any… Continue reading News


Grand Final Celebrations?

Living here is like being in a swamp of mire. There's lies from leaders who finagle and obfuscate. Reading the news results in rage or depression. Neither is good. The AFL Grand Final is this Saturday, albeit---for the first time ever---held outside of the state of Victoria and played at night. It's a big thing,… Continue reading Grand Final Celebrations?

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Day of reckoning

On this day, as I write, Melburnians are expectantly waiting news of release. We ponder, we pray, we beg. We hold our breath, hoping for good news. One hundred and one days since we were locked in our homes, a nonsensical 5km restriction on where we could travel, and businesses forced to close. All while… Continue reading Day of reckoning

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New Victoria

The trees are covered in pink blossom. Behind them, the clear and bright blue sky is a stunning backdrop. Spring is my favourite season; its colours and morning crisp air that gives way to a gentle warmth are nature's forgiveness for a harsh winter. For a moment, I forget that everything has changed. I'm walking… Continue reading New Victoria

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Looks like we Victorians are set to be cloistered in our homes for some time longer. Easing of restrictions planned for later today will be postponed due to a growing number of COVID cases each day. This is rather annoying, for a couple of reasons. My mum lives in Adelaide and turns 80 tomorrow. Yesterday,… Continue reading News