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Brooke’s outing

Brooke grabs her car keys and closes the front door. Her heart flutters, like a butterfly has been released behind her ribs. She pauses on the verandah and draws breath. Her body sways; she presses her hand against the wall to steady herself. It's the belligerent nature of others that causes her to feel untethered.… Continue reading Brooke’s outing

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The view from the aisles

Goodness, it seems we're in quite a predicament. People of Australia are bracing for Covid19 impact by behaving in quite a selfish manner. Most of the population have jettisoned social norms and niceties; they no longer tolerate positive aspects of community living: sharing, kindness, and even the Aussie attitude of 'she'll be right, mate!' I… Continue reading The view from the aisles

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The beginning of the end

Losing water was the first sign. Initially Mara thought she'd forgotten to pay the bill. She went to make a call and found the phone lines were down, too. 'Brad?' she called. 'Are we up to date with the bills?' Rustling from the back garden was the only response. 'Brad!' This time she yelled. 'Huh?'… Continue reading The beginning of the end

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Leaving home

The contents of the bucket slosh inside as Bernice swallows back her own vomit. This is not how she imagined her life would turn out. When she was younger, she imagined a life of travel and fame. She was destined for greatness. Everybody said that. Well, Gran and Pop, and a few others. Maybe it… Continue reading Leaving home

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Will’s Dismissal

'There is no polite way to put this,' Irena says. Will watches as Irena's eyes flash; her cheeks are red, flushed. He holds his breath, waiting for the bitch to bite. Then he's going for her jugular. 'But you're not performing according to the position description. You've missed all your KPIs over the last six… Continue reading Will’s Dismissal