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Time to move on

'There's something wrong,' I said, looking up with a frown. 'I think the spring is broken.' 'Why do you say that?' Mathew asked, wiping his hands on his jeans. Arsehole. He erred on the side of me being stupid, unknowing. Not what you'd call a supportive bloke. Many of my friends, and especially my parents,… Continue reading Time to move on

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The Job

Gillian pushed through the crowd, desperate to find him. She checked her watch. Ten minutes to go. Where is he? She stomped her foot in exasperation. A waiter passed by, so close his jacket brushed her arm; Gillian snatched a glass of white wine from the tray and nodded her thanks. The waiter slightly bowed… Continue reading The Job

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Bree and Henry

Bree stared out the window. On the road below, she watched as cars sped past, and pedestrians bustled their way about. A taxi pulled into the kerb. The door opened, and Henry stepped out. Bree felt nothing. She watched as he crossed the road, then moved out of her sight. He would be walking through… Continue reading Bree and Henry

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A visit with Grandma

Grandma sits in her high-backed upholstered chair. Her eyes are closed; her hands rest lightly on the arms of the chair. I see all of this through the skinny panel window in the door to her room. I knock before entering; her eyes open slowly and she grins when she sees me. 'Come in, Gil.'… Continue reading A visit with Grandma

Family, Fiction, Health and wellbeing, Melbourne, Relationship and marriage, Writing

Moving on

'Honestly, he's not worth it,' Ella whispered. She was rubbing the back of her twin sister, Lucia, who was bent over the toilet bowl. Ella pulled Lucia's hair away from her face. 'Luce,' Ella murmured. 'Come on, sit back. Tell me what happened.' Ella pulled her sister into her arms and held her as she… Continue reading Moving on