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Friend or Foe?

The tenebrous figure behind her, to her left, brought a chill to her bones. She quickened her pace, keys held tightly in her fist as she hurried through the dark streets towards home. 'Excuse me,' a voice from behind called. Her heart jumped into her throat. This was it. She would be headline news tomorrow.… Continue reading Friend or Foe?

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Tell the story challenge: Trying to Escape

Thank you, Punam, from paeansunpluggedblog for selecting me to take part in the Tell the Story Challenge. Here's what I wrote, inspired from the image above.   Why had she asked him back to her house? Two hours ago, Lillian had been flirting shamelessly with him at the bar over an ice-cold Aperol spritz. Well,… Continue reading Tell the story challenge: Trying to Escape

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At the hospital

Barb sits in the stark waiting area of the hospital. She checks her watch. Four hours. Two since someone had last slammed through those double doors and said anything about Mel's condition. Barb wonders why she's still there. She doesn't even know Mel. The doors swing open again. A doctor strides towards her. 'Barb? I'm… Continue reading At the hospital

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In the park

Simon stared at the girl's nude body. He didn't know her name. He didn't care. He'd first seen her coming out of city building, late. He was across the road at the train station, but his eyes zeroed in on her, like a sniper. Simon waited for the tram to amble past and paced over.… Continue reading In the park