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Here again

I've been a little busy of late and rather tristful over neglecting this space. Hopefully some of you have noticed my absence or perhaps even missed my posts. Friday afternoon, Our Girl and I visited our old neighbour, who's just had a baby girl. We spent time catching up, holding the baby, and generally making… Continue reading Here again

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Kicking goals

I'm now in my second week of paid, permanent, part-time work. I seem to be kicking goals which surprises probably no one but myself. In previous roles, I was always able to do the work required, so I really don't know why I now think so little of my abilities. Perhaps it's because this role… Continue reading Kicking goals

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Kate and Rosa

Life is about to change for Kate. She's holding a cup of tea, thinking about the fallout from Rosa's revelation the night before. 'Now that you're all here, I need to tell you this celebration isn't just about Kate's birthday.' Rosa spoke confidently while she looked around the crowd, but avoided eye contact with Kate.… Continue reading Kate and Rosa

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Erica’s birthday present

Her delicate fingers tied the bow. She took her time, fiddling, adjusting. It had to be right. The present had to look pretty. When she was satisfied, she gave the gift a gentle nudge. Admiring her finesse, she rose from her seat, smiling. 'Annabeth,' called her mother. 'Is your aunt's present wrapped yet?' 'Just finished… Continue reading Erica’s birthday present

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Surviving a fall

Help. In her mind, the word is shouted. But no noise comes out, despite her mouth opening wide. Where is she? She tries to glimpse her surroundings, but all she sees is black. Her clothes are damp, her jeans especially. She feels around her; a trickle of water streams underneath, she touches a grassy carpet.… Continue reading Surviving a fall