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The Doctor

Fay falls back into her seat. The door is ajar. She sips from her bottle before looking up her next patient. 'Oh great,' Fay mutters when she sees the name on her computer screen. Mrs Donnellan. She barely needs to bring up Mrs Donnellan's history. A frequent flyer. A lonely time waster who'll suck away… Continue reading The Doctor

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Kicking goals

I'm now in my second week of paid, permanent, part-time work. I seem to be kicking goals which surprises probably no one but myself. In previous roles, I was always able to do the work required, so I really don't know why I now think so little of my abilities. Perhaps it's because this role… Continue reading Kicking goals

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WIP Meeting

'Let's be productive with our time today,' Lucy's manager said during the weekly staff meeting. Lucy sighed, annoyed at the irony. These WIP meetings were a waste of time. If the team weren't forced to meet once a week to discuss how their workload was progressing, then the work would surely progress more quickly. Or… Continue reading WIP Meeting

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A wish for coffee

I am presently fasting. Not due to any religious, health or political reasons, just because I have a scheduled appointment with a physician later this morning. I wish I chose a later time slot. It's not hunger that's bothering me. I am a bit peckish, but coping. It's the coffee. I can feel a headache… Continue reading A wish for coffee