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Visiting Dad

'What's with all the ruckus?' Dad's angry, I can tell. His face is red and if he was a cartoon character, there'd be steam coming out his ears. He pushes back his chair with such force it tips over and leaves me in the kitchen to investigate. My younger brothers are fighting in their room.… Continue reading Visiting Dad

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The new leadership

'It seems you're unperturbed by all this,' Miriam says to Janie. They're the only two seated at a round table for six. A coffee plunger is in the middle, along with a plate of Kingston biscuits. Janie's favourites. She sips her coffee and reaches for a bikkie while pondering Miriam's...would she call it an accusation?… Continue reading The new leadership

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Anastasia checked the cubicle. The small, unoccupied space was perfect for the meeting with Fiona. There were no staff gathering in the area, it would be quiet and, if Fiona cried or stormed off, at least she could do so without the prying eyes of the other employees. Anastasia had never actually had to fire… Continue reading Discovery

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'Make sure those quarterly reports are on my desk by 5,' Alexa says. She frowns slightly at Maxine, who skulks out of the office. Alexa swivels in her chair to face the floor-to-ceiling window, from which she is afforded uninhibited views of the city's skyline, and the sea beyond. She loves her office; the spacious… Continue reading Alexa

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Charlie’s team

'Taking a shortcut through life's challenges will only lead to reality turning to gossamer.' This was her mother's favourite idiom. Each time Charlie came home with a less than satisfactory report card, her mother would chant that sentence. At 8, Charlie didn't even know what it meant. Yet, it was embedded in her psyche. It… Continue reading Charlie’s team