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'Make sure those quarterly reports are on my desk by 5,' Alexa says. She frowns slightly at Maxine, who skulks out of the office. Alexa swivels in her chair to face the floor-to-ceiling window, from which she is afforded uninhibited views of the city's skyline, and the sea beyond. She loves her office; the spacious… Continue reading Alexa

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WIP Meeting

'Let's be productive with our time today,' Lucy's manager said during the weekly staff meeting. Lucy sighed, annoyed at the irony. These WIP meetings were a waste of time. If the team weren't forced to meet once a week to discuss how their workload was progressing, then the work would surely progress more quickly. Or… Continue reading WIP Meeting

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Back to work

So, my life has become a little hectic. I have started work. You know, a leave-the-house job, where I walk in at a mutually agreed time and stay there until a mutually agreed finish. In between those times I am at a desk tapping away. It's a great job. I am thrilled, excited and humbled.… Continue reading Back to work

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Rainy days

December, in Australia, is traditionally hot. We look forward a sweltering Christmas Day, the air-conditioner struggling to pump out cool air, while at least twenty of our long-lost relatives lounge around in chairs as one person sweats in the stifling kitchen to ready the feast. Most of us still persist with a hot lunch, roasting… Continue reading Rainy days


Going back. A shout-out to child care educators.

This afternoon, I took my three children for a visit to the child-care centre we used when they were pre-schoolers. It's the winter school holidays here in Melbourne, and it's cold. There's not a lot of outdoor fun happening in our house, and it's only day three. But I knew I needed to get the… Continue reading Going back. A shout-out to child care educators.