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Pyjama day

Today is a public holiday in Melbourne! Hooray! Under now-normal—but comforting, good, positive—circumstances, I'd be on my way to work right now. Parking the car, or walking the short distance from it to my office. Instead, I've only just tumbled out of bed and am having a go-slow kind of morning. And I'm getting paid… Continue reading Pyjama day

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A moment ruined

Strumming the guitar, Livvy looked around at her audience. A guy at one of the tables at the front stared in a guileless manner. Livvy sang in a clear voice. She looked around the crowd, not nervous. She did this every week, one day hoping for a big break. The guy lit up a cigarette.… Continue reading A moment ruined

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It’s not just a number

Despite a healthy diet, and a huge reduction in alcohol intake, Bertha is struggling to lose kilograms. Weighing in at 99kgs, she is worried. In no way does she want to weigh a number with three figures. And damn those idiots who say, 'it's just a number.' They're usually the same type who say, 'it's… Continue reading It’s not just a number

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Lisa’s Dream

In moments like this, Lisa wished she was one of those types who rejected authority figures. Mr Dean was towering over her, his smile showing his crooked, rotting teeth. His greasy, slicked-back hair smelt like bananas. Lisa gulped down bile. Seconds ago, he'd asked her to mop the spacious foyer floor. For no other reason… Continue reading Lisa’s Dream