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I watch Gillian as she ambles across the lush green grass towards me. I'm at a picnic table; was lucky to find it vacant when I arrived, so I almost threw myself on it. I've been here, waiting for her to arrive, for over thirty minutes. She's always late. I always forgive her. The wind… Continue reading Picnic

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Morning Walk

Sally is on her morning walk. She's pacing, puffing; her heart rate high, her body alive. As she passes the homes and their gardens she steals a peek. Even stops to smell a rose at a house with a front yard taken straight out of the botanical gardens. 'Morning!' Sally jumps, startled by the voice… Continue reading Morning Walk

Family, Fiction, Health and wellbeing, Melbourne, Relationship and marriage, Writing

Roxie and Robert

'The whole idea is lacking something,' Roxie says. She strokes her chin and stares at Robert. 'It's not right.' 'But what is it?' 'Dunno.' Roxie gazes around the room. Disappointment flickers through her body, like a shock. She's planned this. For months. It's supposed to be perfect. Her shoulders slump forward and she falls into… Continue reading Roxie and Robert

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Farm cottage

Shane wipes his dusty boots on the doormat, then kicks them off. It's a monotonous ritual that he performs when returning from the shed. But worth it. He's not keen to risk Catherine's anger. She's in the kitchen making scones for morning tea. What a woman. Shane thinks back to his proposal. How she hesitated,… Continue reading Farm cottage

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A Barbie with Friends

The steaks sizzle on the barbecue. Brett is holding the tongs and Kim watches from the kitchen. He's chatting with Herb, not paying attention, the tongs hovering over the BBQ. She can just make out snippets of the conversation. Something about their investments, cryptocurrencies and stocks. 'Took a dive, mate,' says Herb. Sips his beer… Continue reading A Barbie with Friends