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Here’s to 2020

The ending of each year is a time when a lot of people take stock of their lives. We look back over the good times, the challenging moments and, as the clock strikes twelve o'clock, we make decisions about doing better, trying harder, throughout the incoming year. I normally don't see in a new year.… Continue reading Here’s to 2020

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Labour of love

Last night, I caught a glimpse of a reward. A shiny, sparkly dose of achievement, pride, and gratefulness. In the often thankless labour of love called parenting, I'm taking it and basking in it. My twin boys are gearing up for secondary school in 2020 and last night they attended an interview at the school… Continue reading Labour of love

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When patience runs low

There comes a time for everyone when our patience runs out. I know that, for me, there are many different clues for when my patience is running low. The normal indicators and triggers, such as tiredness, hunger, kids ignoring me, are at the top of my list. But what about those times when you're on… Continue reading When patience runs low

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A wrinkle in time

My life is moving at breakneck speed. I look in the mirror and I see a face I barely recognise. Where did the young, pretty face of my twenty-year-old self go? Now I see a wrinkle here and there, baggy jowls and saggy chin. However, I am not complaining. This is a better set of… Continue reading A wrinkle in time


Some good news!

Finally, the news brings us a happy story. Late last night, Melbourne time, news broke that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged. Just when I thought we'd only ever hear about crime, or terrorism, or more news about male predatory behaviour in the show-biz world, we are treated to the wonderful prospect of a… Continue reading Some good news!