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Working from home

I am currently, like most of the world's population, working from home. One of the positives is that the amount of time on my hands seems to have increased. I have time to write here on my blog on my work days, whereas usually, I have to skip these days. But in the time that… Continue reading Working from home

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'Look!' Millie squeals. She jumps up and down, her legs kicking backwards. Her eyes are sparkling; the blue of her iris seems brighter, glossy even. 'What is it Millsy?' I ask. She's a wonder this kid. Only five, yet off-the-chart intelligent. Actually, she's been off the charts for everything since birth. Apgar, length, weight, for… Continue reading Gifted

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The Way Through

What are the chances that this virus is going away sooner rather than later? Like most people, I'm concerned about how this will affect the global economy. I'm not worried about getting the virus; if I do, I'll deal with it according to medical advice and attention. Here in Australia, we are still living life… Continue reading The Way Through

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Nelly and Paul

It strikes Nelly anew that trust is built over minutes, hours, years. Decades even, if you get that far. She sips her chamomile tea; its calming aroma does its job. She sighs, and dries her eyes. When Paul came home last night, she knew immediately that something was amiss. 'You right?' she asked, looking up… Continue reading Nelly and Paul

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The beginning of the end

Losing water was the first sign. Initially Mara thought she'd forgotten to pay the bill. She went to make a call and found the phone lines were down, too. 'Brad?' she called. 'Are we up to date with the bills?' Rustling from the back garden was the only response. 'Brad!' This time she yelled. 'Huh?'… Continue reading The beginning of the end