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I wanted to write a scathing post about Dan Andrews and his bald-faced lie regarding the ADF during the parliamentary inquiry into the hotel quarantine clusterfuck. But I can't be bothered. I can't find the words; can't be facetious over the issue. I'll just mask up, go for a walk, then bury my head in… Continue reading Fiction

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I finish the second plait and fasten it with her favourite pink bobble. 'There,' I say. 'All done. Who's a grown up girl?' She beams and her eyes sparkle. 'Can I wook at me, Mummy?' 'Of course. Be careful though.' My four-year-old daughter is the light of my world. Her brightness, her joy fills the… Continue reading Favourites

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At the lake

It's getting close to midnight. I wonder if I should return home but the warm air wraps itself around me and I decide to stay. It's beautiful here by the lake. The moon's reflection shimmers in the dim light; the stars twinkle reminding me of the old nursery rhyme Mum used to sing. Tears spill… Continue reading At the lake

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A visit in the night

'Gee, it's quiet around 'ere, innit?' The voice booms into the night. Outside, the sky is inky black, with stars that sparkle like diamonds. It's 3:39AM so I guess most of the neighbourhood is sleeping. I wish I were asleep still. Instead I am wide-awake; each heartbeat bangs against my ribs and my palms are… Continue reading A visit in the night

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Overheard conversations

'Why do we need to help?' I'm sitting at a cafe, eavesdropping while pretending to read the newspaper. The young girl, who looks about seven, has posed this question to her mum about the homeless. I dare a glance. The mum is fretting; her eyes dart about to see if anyone is demonstrably paying attention.… Continue reading Overheard conversations