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Turning a new leaf

Loren is no longer jovial. She noticed her feelings ventured into darkness sometime yesterday, around the same time as Pete left to visit his mother. Could they be connected, she wondered. For many months, Pete has been encouraging her to take a meditation course. It would help her to be more learn mindful. He believes… Continue reading Turning a new leaf

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And so this is Christmas…

Today is Boxing Day; the wonder and fun of Christmas Day is gone, but not forgotten. In our little holiday home we enjoyed a fantastic day of being together, sequestered in air-conditioned comfort while a gas BBQ did most of the heavy lifting in the cooking department. (For regular readers who may be interested: Hubster… Continue reading And so this is Christmas…

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Christmas Eve

We are having a wonderful time in our little holiday spot. Arrived on Wednesday and settled into the pretty town and its surrounds. The only bad thing is the free-to-air TV. For someone used to streaming services, I'm having a hard time dealing with the crappy ads. Anyway, today we did an Escape Room challenge;… Continue reading Christmas Eve

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Christmas Lunch

Sara is breathless with anticipation. She always is this time of year: the excitement of purchasing gifts for loved ones, the holiday to somewhere different, the exquisite feeling of nothingness in the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve, when the days blend into each other, and all you're good for is more eating, lying… Continue reading Christmas Lunch

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Over Toast

Shelley takes a bite of her avocado toast before she responds to Hank. He's watching her, waiting. Probably annoyed that she's taking her time. She chews slowly, enjoying these few seconds. They're at the local cafe, their favourite Sunday breakfast haunt. Hank's downed two lattes already as well as his Big Breakfast; Shelley, still working… Continue reading Over Toast