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Will’s Dismissal

'There is no polite way to put this,' Irena says. Will watches as Irena's eyes flash; her cheeks are red, flushed. He holds his breath, waiting for the bitch to bite. Then he's going for her jugular. 'But you're not performing according to the position description. You've missed all your KPIs over the last six… Continue reading Will’s Dismissal

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Everything is building in momentum, increasing in intensity. I'm juggling balls, head high, eyes up watching, while my hands move seemingly of their own volition. I feel graceful, skillful. And then, it happens. I drop the balls, the juggle is over and as I sink to my knees to snatch at the rolling balls, I… Continue reading Juggle

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Sleep School

'It's a myth! Totally baseless and unproven,' Karen cries. She heaves herself off the sofa and moves into my kitchen. Opening the fridge door, I hear the wine bottle scrape against the shelf as she pulls it out. She unscrews the lid, looks over at me and says, 'Wanna 'nother glass?' This is her way… Continue reading Sleep School

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Life changing epiphany

Libby looks out the window at the scenery: palm trees, sandy beaches, blue skies. She smiles at the serenity. Only two days ago, she was in the concrete city; the sun's brightness reflected off the buildings and created a stuffy heat. She had to get out, if only for a few days. Perception is everything,… Continue reading Life changing epiphany

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Chasing the Order

'No progress has been made on your order. I'm sorry,' Hetty said to the voice on the phone. She braced for impact. 'Can I ask why not?' 'I'm not sure. I'll have to follow up.' Hetty heard the client sigh; she spoke quickly to appease any vitriol. 'Let me take your name and number, and… Continue reading Chasing the Order