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Dan’s Boy

'That wily little bastard,' Lori says, frowning. She folds her arms over her chest, leans back in the chair and crosses her left leg over her right. Dan chuckles. 'You gotta give him credit though, Lor. He's clever.' Lori shakes her head in disbelief. Dan's not too fussed. His nineteen year old son has always… Continue reading Dan’s Boy

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Grey Jumper

'I can't find it!' The drawers in my room are open, clothing flung and scattered across the bed, the floor, the dresser. Marianne, my room-mate, leans in the doorway, smirking, as it's clear now to us both that the search for my grey jumper is fruitless. 'What about the laundry?' she says. 'Have you checked… Continue reading Grey Jumper

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Story Issues

'What's for dinner?' asked Marty. Sienna's shoulders rose, just a fraction. How she loathed this question, particularly when it was only four in the afternoon. But Marty was home from a physical day. Bricklaying was tough work, she understood that. 'Coconut fish curry. Served on jasmine rice.' 'Sounds great.' Marty walked to the desk where… Continue reading Story Issues

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I watch Gillian as she ambles across the lush green grass towards me. I'm at a picnic table; was lucky to find it vacant when I arrived, so I almost threw myself on it. I've been here, waiting for her to arrive, for over thirty minutes. She's always late. I always forgive her. The wind… Continue reading Picnic

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Morning Walk

Sally is on her morning walk. She's pacing, puffing; her heart rate high, her body alive. As she passes the homes and their gardens she steals a peek. Even stops to smell a rose at a house with a front yard taken straight out of the botanical gardens. 'Morning!' Sally jumps, startled by the voice… Continue reading Morning Walk