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After the night ends

It's no apparition. Unfortunately. Her costume was too tight. Sarah-Jane stared at her reflection in her full-length mirror. She turned from side to side, critically appraising what she saw. The buttons on her blouse strained across her breasts; the seams pulled, to the point where she wondered if the thread would snap. And the bottom… Continue reading After the night ends

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Pure Evil

What I find most haunting right now is not that it's Halloween. I actually loathe how Australia is taking this rather nonsensical custom on board. In past years, I've trod the neighbourhood with my kids in tow while they knock on doors asking for 'candy'. It's often ridiculously hot, so the chocolates and lollies they… Continue reading Pure Evil

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Worker Bee

I have spent the morning in the back yard. Like a worker bee, I busied myself with the blower/vac and sucked up those millions of dead leaves and possum poo decorating the pavers and then washed our outdoor setting. It looks quite pretty out there now, although it is a windy day, so I expect… Continue reading Worker Bee

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What I’ve been up to

What a rush these past few weeks have been for me. Hubster's been away---and will be for another two weeks---leaving me with all home-based responsibilities. Luckily (in a way) I've been working from home, which means I can keep a close eye on the children and their online school lessons, do my job and keep… Continue reading What I’ve been up to

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Leaving Home

On her back, staring up at the star-spangled sky, Emily's thoughts flow fast. She's going to move out. Leave her mother to rot in the house alone. Yesterday, the fight between Emily and her mum was the final straw. The moment her resolve was strengthened. She thinks back to her mother's hurtful words. 'Ya little… Continue reading Leaving Home