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Happy days

First week in new job is over and I couldn't be more pleased with my situation. The location is pristine, everything as neat as a pin. Coworkers are friendly and welcoming, and seem genuinely pleased to have me on board. Can't believe the coin toss fell in my favour. Missing posting on here every day,… Continue reading Happy days

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A New Day

There were no guttural cries from my lips this morning as Monday dawned cold and bleak. This day, you see, had been marked, circled, and highlighted in my calendar for only three weeks. Yet those three weeks seemed the duration of at least a decade as I served out a two weeks' notice period with… Continue reading A New Day

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Tearing Me Apart

The first thing that popped into my mind today, on seeing the word prompt, foolish things, was the song from the 90s by Jewel, Foolish Games. Here's a link, if you need a reminder: This song tapped into my feelings over a relationship at the time. One that, in hindsight, was toxic yet, back… Continue reading Tearing Me Apart

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The Quiet Life

The rain pelts against the glass. Erin leans her head against the window, stares as the droplets trickle in front of her eyes. She lifts a finger, traces one all the way from the top of the window frame to the lower frame, at hip height. 'Come on Erin,' she says. 'What'll you do today?'… Continue reading The Quiet Life

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Love at the Bar

I'm at the bar, alone. To my left, in the dark corner just where the corridor to the toilets begins, Cheryl, my wing woman and BFF, is engaged in some pretty active pashing with the bloke she picked up an hour ago; his hand is up her top, groping. I'll give her about five minutes… Continue reading Love at the Bar