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School holiday movie time

Here in Melbourne, I'm at the end of the first week of school holidays, and I'm about to head out for one of our regular activities. Yes, the movies. Our Girl is still at the netball holiday program, so it's T1 and T2, plus one of their school friends to see Shazam. I remember the… Continue reading School holiday movie time

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I don't feel like I can articulate my thoughts today. I don't feel as though my fingers and wrists are articulating properly. I feel I may lie down, do some Netflix binging. Any recommendations? But wait! A thought has articulated any of you savvy bloggers out there know how to get WordPress to share… Continue reading Inarticulate

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A star surprise

Last night, Hubster and I watched A Star is Born. I have been wanting to watch it for a long time, so settled myself on the couch, reclined comfortably and... And now I need counselling. That movie traumatised me. I have never seen any previous adaptations, so I did not know the grief in store.… Continue reading A star surprise

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A message from the past

Yesterday, I received a message to connect with someone over LinkedIn. I usually have a quick look to see if I recognise the name, and if I don't, I delete. I didn't recognise the name, but this one had a message attached. Twelve years ago, pregnant with T1 and T2, I was working full-time for… Continue reading A message from the past

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The last time I travelled internationally was to the US, in 2013. The time before that, it was 1999. If I have wanderlust, it's in slow-release form. I do actually like to travel and would easily do more of it. The problem, however, is funding the wanderlust bug. I saw an ad in the cinemas… Continue reading Wanderlust