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Long-term readers will know that I used to post here every day, or close enough to daily posts. But securing my wonderful job nearly a year ago has taken the opportunity from me. I like my job, and I miss being on here, too. My weekends are so busy. I'm not sequestered indoors; quite the… Continue reading Happenings

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Clearly, it's a long weekend. The observance of four days off from work mean that I am free to post drivel on here, lurking, boring you all to tears. My three cherubs are still asleep; it's 9.45am as I write. Those eye-watering early starts are long behind us now, thankfully. It's a pleasantly cool rainy… Continue reading Morning

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Finally, the curtains have fallen on my freelance job and I have four days to decompress before heading back to work. It's my fault it took so long. The essence of the task uninspiring, so I took many deviations, procrastinated often by looking at houses I can't---and will never---afford, and generally found anything else to… Continue reading Over

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Over Toast

Shelley takes a bite of her avocado toast before she responds to Hank. He's watching her, waiting. Probably annoyed that she's taking her time. She chews slowly, enjoying these few seconds. They're at the local cafe, their favourite Sunday breakfast haunt. Hank's downed two lattes already as well as his Big Breakfast; Shelley, still working… Continue reading Over Toast

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Worker Bee

I have spent the morning in the back yard. Like a worker bee, I busied myself with the blower/vac and sucked up those millions of dead leaves and possum poo decorating the pavers and then washed our outdoor setting. It looks quite pretty out there now, although it is a windy day, so I expect… Continue reading Worker Bee