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The Big Day Out

Our day trip yesterday was quite the success, despite the attempts of the massive infrastructure build in the city trying its best to dampen our enthusiasm. You see, a journey that ordinarily takes a little over an hour took us two and half, given the closure of the freeway and its subsequent rambling detour through… Continue reading The Big Day Out

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Cycling Fun

The body is not what it once was. This morning, I went on a bike ride on a walking/cycling trail that runs adjacent to the M1 freeway and follows Gardiner Creek. It's an easy trail, barely any hills except for little bridges that take us over the creek. On the trail, we go past football… Continue reading Cycling Fun

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Campsite Madness

Under a canopy of stars, Joanna and Carl toast marshmallows in the fire. The night is warm, balmy; the moon is low in the sky, sending a silvery glow around them. Joanna shivers, despite the temperature. She feels as though they're the only two people in the world. Their tent is behind them. It's a… Continue reading Campsite Madness

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The bracelet

'Oh honey, it's beautiful!' I'm holding a box, inside is a bracelet. My breath catches in my throat as I watch the light dance on the beads. 'What's the occasion?' I ask, dragging my eyes to look at George. He grins, sheepish. 'No reason really. Just saw it in a shop window and thought how… Continue reading The bracelet

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Just no

There is no such thing as summer fun. It's a myth, created by sycophants who like the heat. In Australia, summer can be breathtaking. And not in a good way. Yesterday, here in Melbourne, it was 33, with yucky gusts of wind. Where's the fun in that? Sunburn, sweat, heatstroke, exhaustion, daylight saving, stinging hot… Continue reading Just no