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Season of hope

Autumn is my favourite season, but of course, here in Australia, it's spring. Spring is lovely too. Today, for example, there's a clear blue sky, cloud cover that occasionally hides the sun's rays. There's a lovely cool breeze that makes the leaves in the trees dance and sway. I've always found that spring brings us… Continue reading Season of hope

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Sunday afternoon…

It's Sunday afternoon, we're all home after a thrilling, but freezing, soccer match, and I'm keen to light the fire. Not write a proper post. So, I shall look for a form of venation in the logs before I throw them into the wood heater, and I'll be back tomorrow, where my post will be… Continue reading Sunday afternoon…

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Sensing the Awkward

The state of Victoria is a dilapidated mess. Could even be described as a fixer-upper. Only problem is, who can save us? Who is equipped to perform the task? The diligent, difficult work that is required to renovate the state. To tear down the rotten structures and rebuild. Because we need more than a paint… Continue reading Sensing the Awkward

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Grey Jumper

'I can't find it!' The drawers in my room are open, clothing flung and scattered across the bed, the floor, the dresser. Marianne, my room-mate, leans in the doorway, smirking, as it's clear now to us both that the search for my grey jumper is fruitless. 'What about the laundry?' she says. 'Have you checked… Continue reading Grey Jumper

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The Stranger

Cornelia inhales deeply as she passes the man leaning on the wall. He's smoking. It's been years since she gave up but the acrid smell of tobacco draws her back to those years. Twenty years ago, at least. She stops, searches in her handbag for something, nothing. She's just wasting time, enjoying the smoke-chocked air.… Continue reading The Stranger