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The rains came down

The sky a translucent grey, the ground wet and slippery. The air moist with humidity. All around, the nation is inundated with rains. North of my home, floods cause evacuations and damage. We are safe. Soggy, damp and warm, but safe. I look at the newspapers in astonishment at the water levels in NSW, Queensland.… Continue reading The rains came down

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Sound of wings tapping

The moth flickers around the ceiling light. I lie naked on my bed, the warm air leaving my skin damp, sweat glistening like tiny jewels on my arms and flat belly. Cam's asleep, snoring. I watch the moth, my heartbeat quickening, ready to fling myself out of bed if it flies low. My phobia of… Continue reading Sound of wings tapping

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Erin’s Journey

Due to an irreconcilable battle between good and evil, Erin left home. She'd tried to make a go of it, tried to attend to his needs, but she'd come to realise he was never going to change. The last time he bashed her head into the refrigerator door---over something as trivial as not having any… Continue reading Erin’s Journey

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'But I don't even understand why you had to go there,' Betty said to her eldest child, Anna. 'Mum, I'm a grown woman. I can go where I like.' 'Well, now you're in a bit of a muddle, aren't you?' Anna stared into the space just over her mother's left shoulder. Mum was right. She… Continue reading Witness

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Summer nights

Urgh, hot night. Didn't get below 27 degrees. Everyone in this house is tired and snappish, as if a little part of our hearts became broken, chipped overnight by lack of a decent sleep. Going to be a hot, hot day as well. Absolutely nothing that's appealing in that for me. Fortunately, it's a work… Continue reading Summer nights