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Tick Tock Tuesday #34 (2nd June 2020)

This week for Tick Tock Tuesday I skip to the late 90s. What a brilliant time to be alive. Great music, a world full of promise and possibility---let's face it, social media was yet to infiltrate our lives. And, though I didn't fully realise it, at that time I was on the precipice, gearing up… Continue reading Tick Tock Tuesday #34 (2nd June 2020)

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The Beetle

The woman's hips moved, enticing and encouraging. Brad was mesmerised. It was as if her dance was meant for him. An invitation. For all of her, in all the moments that lie ahead. 'Did you hear me?' Scarlett asked, her tinny voice snapping him back to reality. Her eyes were wide, accusing. She sighed, an… Continue reading The Beetle

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I wrangle with words today; it's too hard: no perspicacity of thought and too much fidgeting. I can't sit, can't focus. It's a beautiful day. Clear blue skies and a very pleasant temperature. We've spent the morning in activity. First up, a visit to the park to exercise with Hubster and the kids. We've done… Continue reading Rambling

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The knock

The alarm wakes Lia from a deep slumber. Her hand reaches to her phone, she presses the button to cease its beeping. She throws back the covers and stands at the side of the bed; with a bounce she makes her way to the en suite. 'Oh shit!' she cries. Matty has already left for… Continue reading The knock

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Life changing epiphany

Libby looks out the window at the scenery: palm trees, sandy beaches, blue skies. She smiles at the serenity. Only two days ago, she was in the concrete city; the sun's brightness reflected off the buildings and created a stuffy heat. She had to get out, if only for a few days. Perception is everything,… Continue reading Life changing epiphany