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I've been thinking a lot lately about friends, or friendliness in general. I guess a lot of people have, given the pandemic and ensuing lockdowns across the globe. Locking humans inside homes breaks down their ability to build and sustain meaningful friendships. In my 20s, my bones ached with loneliness. In the confines of a… Continue reading Friends

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Crowded House

'It's time we downsize,' said Martin. His arms are folded across his chest; his face red, scrunched up. He's mad because he's just mopped the floor of the kitchen, and vacuumed the bedrooms and hallway. I gasp in shock. Martin and I have six children between us. Plus one of our own on the way.… Continue reading Crowded House

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Returning Home

The street's familiar to Madeline. Trees are larger, greener. The houses are older, some dilapidated and ramshackle. As she approaches Number 27, her heartbeat quickens, fluttering in her chest like a butterfly. The sound of her heels clicking on the footpath echoes in her head. The memories bubble up: Mum preparing dinner in her dress,… Continue reading Returning Home

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Grey Jumper

'I can't find it!' The drawers in my room are open, clothing flung and scattered across the bed, the floor, the dresser. Marianne, my room-mate, leans in the doorway, smirking, as it's clear now to us both that the search for my grey jumper is fruitless. 'What about the laundry?' she says. 'Have you checked… Continue reading Grey Jumper

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Brekky Time

Lena slumps at the breakfast bar. Her mother, who's grinding coffee beans in the kitchen, glances her way, and stifles a sigh. 'What's the matter with you?' 'I can't decide what to have for breakfast.' Lena's voice is a whine, grating. 'Lena, if this is the hardest decision you'll face in life, then you're lucky,'… Continue reading Brekky Time