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A premonition. The sense that something is about to happen, most often it's bad, scary or negative. Sometimes it manifests as a dream, a hallucination, other times an intangible, indescribable feeling. Occasionally, I get a premonition at 3.15PM, right before I pick up my children from school. Are they going to walk out of the… Continue reading Premonition

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The wonder of imagination

The imagination is a powerful tool. Confined only by our own limits, the imagination provides a means of escape, motivation, vision and amnesia. There is a plethora of research about the role that imaginary play has in the development of a child. I know it formed the base of nearly every discussion in my appointments… Continue reading The wonder of imagination

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The children sit on the floor in the gym. A cacophony of noise fills the space, laughter chatter and squeals rise to meet the ceiling. As the clock ticks closer to the commencement time of assembly, more sounds: shush, shush, from the teaching staff. We rise, sing the national anthem. My heart soars. I love… Continue reading Assembly

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Proud Moment

Like The Carpenters, I am on top of the world. Today, the U9 netball team, in which my daughter plays and I coach, won their second game. They have played only three competition games, so they are making a decent start. I watched from the sideline, sweating with pride and nerves (I think I sweat… Continue reading Proud Moment


For Hubster

  My constant fortress My rock, my guiding light My love, my life, my companion On life's path.   You are my friend, lover, Bearer of my jibes and jaunts You love and love and Never cease to cheer.   Together we are one Together we face life's Shitty times, life's good times And together… Continue reading For Hubster