Out of the room (short fiction)

A young girl lives, confined, in a room. Her room. It has a television, a sink, a bathtub and a toilet. A bed to sleep in, a table to eat from, a benchtop to prepare food on, a toaster, a stovetop and a microwave. It is all she needs, he says. She hasn't always been… Continue reading Out of the room (short fiction)

Family, Parenting, Relationship and marriage

The three terrors

Three little terrors Take over my life Demanding, fighting To get their way.   Three little militants Ask all day long 'Canni'ave?' 'Canni'ave?' Incessant noise, constant sound.   Three little beauties Have my heart Despite the noise The demands, the fights.   These three little terrors Are my world They hold me, teach me New… Continue reading The three terrors


Other People’s Children (extract)

*This is an extract from my manuscript, Blood and Fire. It is set in Melbourne, over twenty years ago, in the residential training facility of a cult-like organisation. Please forgive any references in the text which are unexplained.*   It seemed there was a roster for every activity in the college. In addition to house… Continue reading Other People’s Children (extract)

Family, Melbourne

Dinner plans

I am cooking a classic Italian dish for dinner tonight. Lasagne. I can hear the sauce simmering on the stove top; the smell of rich tomatoes, garlic and minced beef are filling the house. It's an inviting smell, brings a sense of warmth and love and happiness. I've never been to Italy, so I can… Continue reading Dinner plans


The discontent couple (short fiction)

'So, life is returning to normal?' Bea's voice is thin, raspy. She checks the calendar. 'Coz, you know, it's been a long time.' She looks across the table at Matty. It's been over twelve months since they slipped into this rut. No shags. No pleasantries whatsoever. 'Thanks for reminding me,' Matty replies, fighting the urge… Continue reading The discontent couple (short fiction)