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Despite the gnawing doubts in the back of his mind, Nick knows this is the only way. Sure, if all goes sideways, there could serious ramifications. Disfigurement for example. Missy sits in the passenger seat, staring out the window as Nick drives on. He's pretty certain she's weeping silently. She disagrees with his decision, of… Continue reading Self-Improvement

Family, Fiction, Melbourne, Relationship and marriage, Writing

The Fire

'Here! This way,' Mike yells. We're in our home, flames tearing up the walls. I'm not sure how we'll survive this; it's raging out of control. The sound is deafening; I can't believe the noise a fire generates. I'm coughing, my lungs full, constricted. Weak. Dazed. A wall of heat and smoke separates me and… Continue reading The Fire

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Phrase for Timmy

'So nice to meet you,' I say to Ariella, as she leads me inside her home. I'm picking up my son, who's been at the house for a sleepover with Ariella's son. They've become best buds, inseparable, but I've never met Ariella at school pickups and coffee mornings as she works full-time. Some key position… Continue reading Phrase for Timmy

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A Fresh Hope

Layla wakes. Immediately she opens her eyes and glimpses the room around her. Chair. Dressing table. Wardrobe. Windows. Curtains---closed. Yesterday's clothes strewn over the the carpet. Everything is the same. Of course nothing's changed. There's no reason why waking to a new day would bring about seismic alterations to her life. Except that last night,… Continue reading A Fresh Hope

Family, Fiction, Parenting, Relationship and marriage, Writing

Heirlooms and Memories

With her shoulders rounded inwards and her spine curved, Sasha could almost hear her mother's admonishing voice, despite her passing away six months ago. Crystal clear, almost as if they were beside each other: Sasha, sit up straight. Shoulders back, tummy taut, head up. On cue, Sasha followed her mother's advice. But before too long,… Continue reading Heirlooms and Memories