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Packing up

By Emma's reckoning, she had three minutes. She didn't want to be here. Signed up reluctantly at the last minute, when only the latest time slots were available. Now, she had one hundred and eighty seconds, seventy cupcakes and over ninety dollars before she reached the target. It wasn't going to happen. The place was… Continue reading Packing up

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Officially Hazel

'So?' Lara prompts. She walks into the kitchen with a fresh top and wet hair, changing after Hazel had posited over her. Her towel-dried hair hangs to her shoulders, before she collects it into a top-knot. 'So what?' Mike responds. 'When I am getting the money? Indulge me with an answer, please.' Lara has done… Continue reading Officially Hazel

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Feeding Hazel

Lara trembles with excitement as the doorbell rings. She smooths the front of her dress, and takes a deep breath in. Opening the door, her face falls. Mike stands on the verandah, his arm slung around a beautiful woman. 'Lara,' Mike says. He's grinning broadly, proudly, as if on a podium receiving an Olympic gold… Continue reading Feeding Hazel

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Choosing Hazel

The Christmas spirit is yet to arrive. Lara is Scrooge: grumpy, tired, stressed and stretched. Her baby is cooing on her play rug on the floor. Her legs kick; she giggles as the play gym jingles. Things could always be worse. Yet, to Lara, that kind of feels like an invitation. She shrugs the thought… Continue reading Choosing Hazel

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A bad morning

Serena bends to pick up the contents of her handbag. Her face burns with shame as a furry breath mint sticks to a tampon. She reaches to collect them in her hand. 'Can I help you, miss?' It's a girl's voice. Young, probably a teenager. Serena looks up. 'Thank you, but no. I'm OK.' She… Continue reading A bad morning