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'It didn't mean anything, babe. I swear,' Dave pleads. Tears run down his cheeks. His eyes are red, glassy. Cathy listens impassively to her husband of five years. Inside, she feels hollow, like a pumpkin with its orange innards scooped out. Her fingers tremble; she closes them into a fist. 'She kinda threw herself at… Continue reading Done

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Len’s Choice

From the shadows, a figure watches the foursome climb into the Uber. He's been spying on them all night; in the restaurant, he almost got caught when one of the woman looked his way. Their gaze connected for a fraction too long. Her face crinkled in confusion. But she looked away and their alcohol intake… Continue reading Len’s Choice

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Friend or Foe?

The tenebrous figure behind her, to her left, brought a chill to her bones. She quickened her pace, keys held tightly in her fist as she hurried through the dark streets towards home. 'Excuse me,' a voice from behind called. Her heart jumped into her throat. This was it. She would be headline news tomorrow.… Continue reading Friend or Foe?

Fiction, Health and wellbeing, Opinion, Relationship and marriage, Writing

Trust in the dark

I walk through the darkness in search of...a shape? Person? Dream? I am close. I reach out. It disappears, elusive. A voice calls my name. I turn, but the inky black prevents me from seeing. The voice calls again. Do I recognise the timbre? Should I? I close my eyes. I see brightness reflecting on… Continue reading Trust in the dark