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At the hospital

Barb sits in the stark waiting area of the hospital. She checks her watch. Four hours. Two since someone had last slammed through those double doors and said anything about Mel's condition. Barb wonders why she's still there. She doesn't even know Mel. The doors swing open again. A doctor strides towards her. 'Barb? I'm… Continue reading At the hospital

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Barb’s evening

The forceful rap on the door startles Barb. It's late, rain is pitching down on the roof. She is curled in a ball on the couch, under a blanket; the fire is roaring. Lifting her head, she decides to ignore it. The forceful rap becomes a thunderous knock. She throws back the blanket, slides her… Continue reading Barb’s evening

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Pyjama day

Today is a public holiday in Melbourne! Hooray! Under now-normal—but comforting, good, positive—circumstances, I'd be on my way to work right now. Parking the car, or walking the short distance from it to my office. Instead, I've only just tumbled out of bed and am having a go-slow kind of morning. And I'm getting paid… Continue reading Pyjama day

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Lucy's eyes dart as she enters the crowded room. She knows he's here. She can feel his presence; it creeps insidiously, like evil tendrils. The threat of him is ever-present. She sees AJ in the corner, sipping a huge glass of red. Lucy begins to cross the room to get to her and smacks right into… Continue reading Party

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Her disease

Jen dressed carefully. She wanted to look good, but not overdone. Three shirts, two dresses and five pants already littered the floor at her feet. With a huff, she chose her black skinny jeans, rolled up the cuffs, donned her espadrille wedges and threw on a white shirt. She stared critically at the mirror. 'It'll… Continue reading Her disease