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Generation Bamboozle

Feel the sense of foreboding A generation bamboozled Live with depression Suicide Ignorance Loneliness Leaders blinded by arrogance, power greed Refuse to see the ripple of selfish decisions Enough. Act now, Save the future Our children. Photo by Atharva Tulsi on Unsplash

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Brekkie Time

It's 9.30am, about to have a lazy Sunday morning breakfast. I've already had one coffee, and T1 is making me another. Fine barista skills this boy, makes the milk as frothy as air. As for the strength of the coffee itself, well, that can be hit and miss. I don't complain; I figure I'm lucky… Continue reading Brekkie Time

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Life in a penal colony

Accept the lunacy with resignation. At least, that's what the governments here in Australia want us to do. Eighteen months after this shitty virus wreaked havoc across the globe, when almost all the rest of the world are returning to a normal life, most of Australia is, ironically, a penal colony. And what's to be… Continue reading Life in a penal colony

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A sneaky post…

Hello blogger friends! Hope you're all well, wherever you are in the world. I do miss posting on here every day, catching up with good writing, exceptional poetry and wonderful photos. I'm coming to you today from my dining table (again, still) as Melbourne's LD6 has been extended for another week, with hot rumours suggesting… Continue reading A sneaky post…

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Here we go again

The end of Week 2 in my new job drew to a close exactly as my first two days started: working from my dining table. It seems the daily grind is nothing like it used to be. If you can believe it, Victoria is now in Lockdown 6. We enjoyed a snap opening, where children… Continue reading Here we go again