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The Post that Wasn’t

My brain is storming its own dissent. For the last hour and a half I have been writing a post. But it's been deleted, too awful for anyone's eyes. Even my own. So, I have resigned myself to not coming up with a post today. Instead, I shall turn off my laptop, make another coffee… Continue reading The Post that Wasn’t

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End of

The trail of happiness and freedom has ended. In forty minutes (as I write these words) I begin work again, after a wonderful three-week break. I've got the end-of-holidays jitters, my belly feels like mush, liquid sloshing about, my head corralling thoughts and ideas for topics and content. I am grateful to have a job,… Continue reading End of

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The Big Day Out

Our day trip yesterday was quite the success, despite the attempts of the massive infrastructure build in the city trying its best to dampen our enthusiasm. You see, a journey that ordinarily takes a little over an hour took us two and half, given the closure of the freeway and its subsequent rambling detour through… Continue reading The Big Day Out