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An evening in the deep end

Many of you already know that I coach netball. The squad of sixteen girls, including Our Girl, means that I look after two teams (7 players on court during a match) each Saturday morning, school holidays aside. I played netball for many, many years so I know the sport very well, and am passionate about… Continue reading An evening in the deep end

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Ah, all is right with the world. Well, at least my little corner of it. Today, I woke to the glorious feeling of the end of Daylight Saving. Mother Time is back in charge. But she's angry at being 2IC for more than half the year. A mother with her toddler, who's thrown a massive… Continue reading Farewell

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In an eccentric twist, a show of faith from one who's eschewed Christianity, I am thankful today for Jesus. Yes, Jesus. But not for forgiveness from any so-called sins. Today, here in Melbourne, it's Good Friday and I revel in the public holiday. A paid day's work where I do not have to work. Monday,… Continue reading Faith