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It’s not just a number

Despite a healthy diet, and a huge reduction in alcohol intake, Bertha is struggling to lose kilograms. Weighing in at 99kgs, she is worried. In no way does she want to weigh a number with three figures. And damn those idiots who say, 'it's just a number.' They're usually the same type who say, 'it's… Continue reading It’s not just a number

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When a word presents a barrier

The daily word prompt, plaintive, has presented me with a conundrum. It's not that I don't know the word. I do. But, in Australia it is late afternoon on Monday. I'm just home from work and my brain can't figure out a way to write it in an interesting post. I'm just going to close… Continue reading When a word presents a barrier

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'I think you need to consider your options,' Martha said decisively. Her pen was poised above the A4 notebook, its cover adorned with pink roses and had Arabella's name written with a Sharpie. Arabella didn't respond; her mind a jumping castle of thoughts. As Arabella's mentor, Martha had guided her to a job with greater… Continue reading Authenticity

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Lisa’s Dream

In moments like this, Lisa wished she was one of those types who rejected authority figures. Mr Dean was towering over her, his smile showing his crooked, rotting teeth. His greasy, slicked-back hair smelt like bananas. Lisa gulped down bile. Seconds ago, he'd asked her to mop the spacious foyer floor. For no other reason… Continue reading Lisa’s Dream

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Humans are multi-layered emotionally. We are made up of elements of fear, love, hate, gumption, happiness, sadness, kindness and incivility. Some elements are more evident in people than others. But I always think choosing kindness is best. Mind you, I don't always walk this walk. Sometimes, incivility rears its head. I am human, after all.… Continue reading Humans