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The value in friendship

  The heart is empty, A soul cries, devoid Of hope. Anxiety traps   And holds. A gasp of breath, A whimper escapes. She speaks, And in confession somehow,   Hope renews. Through trust built Over time, an intimacy Fostered, by disclosing concerns,   Recounting moments of joy, The value in friendship Is immense, immeasurable.… Continue reading The value in friendship

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The Way Through

What are the chances that this virus is going away sooner rather than later? Like most people, I'm concerned about how this will affect the global economy. I'm not worried about getting the virus; if I do, I'll deal with it according to medical advice and attention. Here in Australia, we are still living life… Continue reading The Way Through

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Calm in a crisis

These are certainly trying circumstances. Sent the Hubster down to Coles this morning while I did the before-school shuffle with the kids. Not sure which of us got the rough end of the stick (I think me!). He had to queue up and wait until the clock had ticked 8AM, as pensioners only allowed to… Continue reading Calm in a crisis

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Sleepless in Melbourne

My mind is busy, filled with concerns: universal, individual, shared and guarded. I wish I could sweep it clean, dust out the corners, so that I can rest. But I close my eyes and my brain flickers to life. A movie reel playing out scenes of what-if, and repeats of what-was. After retiring for the… Continue reading Sleepless in Melbourne

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In Hiding

I want to self-isolate. And not from the current panic overtaking the world with this bloody virus, either. It's been quite a weekend for me, and it's only just gone midday on Saturday. Craziness in Coles: bare aisles; too many consumers bumping trolleys and devoid of manners. Snarky parents during two out of the four… Continue reading In Hiding