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It's New Year's Eve here in Melbourne. Time for some retrospection. Dig through the dirt. Find the diamonds. What was good, what was bad? What to jettison, what to keep? Think it over. Have a great night celebrating the arrival of 2019. And my best wishes for a cracking, wonder-filled and happy year ahead.  … Continue reading NYE

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Getting back into it

I have spent the morning going over my manuscript. Finally, after a long month, I have got back to it. There is still quite a lot of work to be done. A lot of abstract thoughts that aren't yet coherent for the average reader. Much dramatising to be included. More feelings and thoughts and emotions… Continue reading Getting back into it

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A mini-break over Christmas

I'm back from nearly a week in my hometown, Adelaide, for Christmas. We drove, a long eight hours (at least, including stops) and arrived at my parents' home in time for a lamb roast cooked on the Weber BBQ. On the days either side of Christmas, we did some sight-seeing around the outskirts of the… Continue reading A mini-break over Christmas


Longing for the Halcyon Days

Yesterday, Hubster sent me a link to an article that made my hair curl. Note: my hair is actually curly, but I straighten it every day. The article was published by The Daily Caller and reports that a local council area in Britain has approved education lessons that teaches school children all genders can menstruate.… Continue reading Longing for the Halcyon Days