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Jake and the Captain

'I believe we'll have to file this in the penumbra category,' Captain Holt said, emphasising the noun penumbra. He stood with his arms by his side, torso erect, shoulders back. A more serious man, Peralta had never met. Peralta himself was a goon, a good-time boy, always looking for a laugh and often set up… Continue reading Jake and the Captain

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If only

Busy morning! New couch arrived before 8.30AM, furniture in living area re-shuffled (poor Hubster's family heirloom---the record player, circa 1970s---got the shaft), three loads of washing hung on clothesline, a Zoom stretch and mobility class, and now here I sit. If only I had the time to write a post/short fiction piece, but I have… Continue reading If only

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Last night, Our Girl asked if we could watch a movie together sometime today. I quickly said yes; I have completed all my current contract work, and Tuesdays are a non-work day in my permanent part-time role. Perfect! I caught a glimpse of a lazy, fun-filled day, wearing trackies and slippers, snuggled under a blanket… Continue reading Today

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She wants to be beautiful, breezy, bright But she's filled with rage And contempt. Few see her real persona. Only Those who look deep, beyond Her exterior Applied with care, attention, detail. Lance and conceal each blemish And smile. But even she can't hide behind Her mask forever. She is Soon unravelled By one who's… Continue reading Elena

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The nuggets in Prime

Just before Christmas, we signed up for a month of free access to Amazon Prime. We did so in exchange for free delivery on numerous Year 7 textbooks we purchased for our boys' school requirements. I admit, I had no idea of the content available aside from The Grand Tour, on which T1 and Hubster… Continue reading The nuggets in Prime