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Working late

The conglomerate's policies makes them impervious to litigation. But Annie has other ideas. Especially after the CEO from the controlling corporation bailed her up in the car park two nights ago. 'You've been working late,' he'd said, as the lift made its way to the bowels of the building. It was after nine o'clock, and… Continue reading Working late

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Does Mum know Best

'It's all just a terrible waste of time.' That's mum, ever the pragmatist. I'd been whining about friendship dramas. How Marianne didn't like me anymore. Mum launched into a diatribe about relationships and communication and that's how she finished. Like nothing else I said matters. 'But Mum,' I say, sounding a bit like Eric Cartman,… Continue reading Does Mum know Best

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Before The Meeting

'How much time do we have?' I ask. 'Six minutes.' 'Is that all?' We should have longer. Life is so unfair. A one-hour lunch break twice a week isn't really enough anymore. He nods. His arms are holding me. Tight. Close. 'Should get moving then. Probably at least leave the bed.' 'Where'd you park?' If… Continue reading Before The Meeting

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Getting ready

'I'm looking for my pants!' Kelly says. It feels urgent now. Her whole family is downstairs, waiting for her, and she can't find her favourite pants. 'Bloody hell,' she says aloud while turning over mountains of clothing scattered all across the floor. 'Kelly, get down here now. We're all waiting for you.' That's Dad. Things… Continue reading Getting ready

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Names and Fuss

Melissa stares out the window. The street below is busy; trams and cars stuck in peak hour, pedestrians moving in all directions. The sky is that clear bright blue, totally cloud-free. Looks like it's going to be a cracker of a day. Bed rest sucks. She's thirty-five weeks pregnant, and confined to her bed on… Continue reading Names and Fuss