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Happy birthday

What a great word for the daily prompt today!


It’s birthday fever in my home at the moment. I have twin boys who turn 11 on Saturday and the count-down is ON LIKE DONKEY KONG. Well, they’ve been counting down for weeks now. But it’s reaching fever-pitch.

I think back over the past eleven years…learning to walk, talk, feed themselves. The busyness of a new mum to twin boy babies. I kid you not, I had no idea what to do with one baby, and I walked out of the hospital with two! It’s all a blur.

Except for reflux. Screaming. No sleep – them or us. Mothers’ group…a salvation. Daily walks in the pram…also a salvation. First birthday party – where I remember being amazed that I hadn’t accidentally killed them. Second birthday – where I was pregnant with their little sister. Third birthday – meltdown at Thomas the Tank Engine day at Puffing Billy (google it folks).

And so I could continue.

But, mostly, I am thankful for my two little men who made me a mum. Two little men who’ve taught me more about myself than I ever learned in the 30-odd years before their birth. Two little men who are kind (mostly) to their sister, who show respect (mostly) to their dad and me. Two little men of whom I’m proud. Two little men who I can’t wait to see grow into two fine adults.

Happy birthday T1 and T2. Love you like mad.


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