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I am not a fan of cats. In fact, I think they’re creepy and weird.

However, in 2017, I gave in to family pressure to own a pet. And so, we have a cat named Rosie.

We adopted Rosie from the local council. At the time, she was three. She doesn’t like other cats, so was kept inside her ‘cat condo’ while we checked out some of the others. T1, T2 and our girl were patting and chasing those cats who’d been let out to play, and I heard a noise. I turned to to see Rosie, scratching the perspex, as if to say, ‘Don’t forget about me!’ I said to everyone, ‘What about this one?’

She ended up coming home with us that day.

I have to say, she’s a pretty good cat, as far as cats go. She tends to leave me alone, and I her. I don’t mind her, really. I guess I am used to her presence in our home.

There are aspects that I dislike to owning a cat. She sometimes, purposely I might add, leaves her daily business on the floor just next to the litter tray. This is highly annoying, wouldn’t you say? Huge mess to clean up, requiring wads of paper towel, disposable gloves, wet wipes, disinfectant, and a bag. The other, less annoying but still messy feature of a cat in our home, is the shedding fur. There is cat hair EVERYWHERE and it gathers in clumps, under chairs and beds, near skirting boards. The vac is brought out near-daily to rid the house of it. I could go on with the likes of scratching furniture and rugs, and the kitty litter bits sprinkled over the floor when she steps out of her tray.

But, the benefits of having Rosie in our midst are huge. Our kids love her, and never whinge about doing the assigned tasks to looking after her. Rosie is a very docile cat and allows my daughter to pick her up six billion times a day to carry her somewhere in the house. She hardly ever swipes or nips. She sits on T1’s lap in the morning, after he lets her out of her bedsit and feeds her. She rubs the kids’ legs as she walks by. And, I think Hubster is her favourite person; after the kids have gone to bed, she prowls her way to him and sits on his lap while we enjoy the peace and quiet.

I’ll never be a cat person, though.


Image: author’s own.




10 thoughts on “Rosie”

  1. I’ve never been a cat person either Linda and have never shared a home with one. I do think many cats are cute, but if I wanted to share a life with one, I’d want a tiger or a lion. If I’m going to fight with a cat, let it be a decent battle 😂

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  2. The problem with the poo on the floor? Some cats don’t like the sharp litter, especially if the litter also contains too much urine – stings (or too many clumpy bits). Softer litter (which unfortunately isn’t as absorbent) may be the way to go. It’s also a way of telling the boss to change the bowl, thank you very much (cats are a bit bossy).
    One of our cats used to make it a blatant message by dropping it in the shower!
    The hair? Not much you can do about that except brush the cat every day, and not all cats like being brushed (but they can get used to it by doing a little at a time).
    The furniture? Do you have a tall (tower-sized) scratching post, with a bit of cat-nip rubbed here and there? It works (usually – I’ve only had one cat who couldn’t be trained out of his scratching habits, and he was old when we got him), and regular clips of the nails may help (takes patience and calmness if not used to it – and do one for each session, don’t try to do all four paws at once).
    And cats lower the blood pressure …

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    1. Hmm, they are bossy little pets aren’t they? We worked out the poo on the floor to wee in the tray ratio quite quickly. But I didn’t know about the softer version. We do keep it clean and fresh…the last time she pooed outside of the tray we figured she was just really shitty (pun intended) for being locked in for too long. My boys are early risers (like 6ish) and T1 lets her out each day. However, the day in question he slept in a tad later and Rosie woke a tad earlier. We’ve had posts for her (cheap and nasty ones) but the problem with the tall towers is it would be overkill in our teensy living area. So, I content myself with whining about it… 🙂
      Thanks Cage!

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      1. You could get one that lies against the wall or behind the couches, like a long sausage post … As long as it’s solid and doesn’t move, they don’t seem to mind if it goes up or along, just another tree to leave their mark on.

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  3. Happy to have found your blog. I was never a cat person either, yet we have two. I appreciate their independence, where a dog requires so much more attention. They can be pretty funny too. Look forward to reading more of your posts!

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