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The night of interruptions

One of the things I like most about following a daily word prompt, is that I am sometimes faced with a word I’ve never used before, or even heard of.

Today is one such day, with the word ‘mettlesome‘.

I’ve heard of mettle, sure. As in ‘test your mettle’. But never mettlesome. I was grateful for the definition, so I didn’t have to look it up and pretend a greater level of intellect and knowledge than I actually possess. I chuckled to myself on reading the definition, though: full of vigour, stamina, lively, spirited.

I feel none of these adjectives today. A ghastly night’s sleep has me overcome with grouchiness. I am de-spirited and wholly lacking in vigour.

You see, before I had even drifted off to sleep, at 11PM, I heard the sounds of multiple car doors slamming. Living in a street where all but a handful of houses have no off-street parking and therefore no garages, my ears pricked. More kerthumps as more doors slammed. Then, the unmistakable but bizarre (given the time of night) sound of a chainsaw. Then a power blower.

Hmmm. Odd.

Hubster was already snoring so he was no help. I decided to take the unpopular, yet common, approach of ignoring the problem. The noise of chainsaws and blowers didn’t cease. Finally, curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to take a look. I took a brave step into the hallway of my home and was struck with the brightness of blue and red flashing lights. My steps quickened, I threw open the door and unlocked the screen door. I walked into the cool of the night, feeling airy breezes tickle my arms and face. Stepping out of my front yard and into the street, I noticed the State Emergency Service (SES) truck and about eight volunteers dealing with a branch that must have snapped off in the swirling winds of a few hours’ earlier. Some poor neighbour’s car had been under said branch.

It was a bit of a show, to be honest. Many of my neighbours who also must’ve been curious about the noise were outdoors. There were slight nods of recognition and…was it embarrassment…between us as we took in the sight of each other in pyjamas. One elderly man topless. Another, one the other side of the street appeared to be bottom-less, but I hope his undercarriage was contained by undies of some description. I didn’t look long enough to be sure; my eyes darted away in fright.

Just as I headed back indoors, the truck’s floodlights were switched on, bathing my next door neighbour’s home and mine in full, bright light. I walked inside, closed the doors. Three kids and Hubster all still asleep, despite the noise and light.

Back in bed and the SES guys finishing up, I fell quickly to a restful sleep. Only to be woken a few hours later by my girl, who needed her mummy after a night-time incident interrupted her hours dedicated to dream time. That done, I crawled back in bed, tired and grouchy but thrilled to drift back off. I was in a very deep and lovely sleep when T1 called to me to help him deal with a blood nose. Gah!

And that was my night of repeated interruptions.


This is written with unending thanks and gratitude for the SES volunteers, who are ready at a moment’s notice to attend an emergency of any kind.

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