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A good day

Today is a wonderful day.

This morning was the commencement of my girl’s second year of playing netball, and my second year of coaching her team. The interest among the girls at school and the local community has grown so much that I am now coaching two U11s teams. The fixture dictated that my two teams play against each other today, which was a perfect and soft way to begin our second year especially with so many new to the sport.

The game went well. One team won, the other didn’t, but in a sense, all girls won. They all played excellently. Those who had played throughout last year led and guided. Those for whom today was their first ever go at competition matches did great.

Since coming home, I’ve sat and pondered the sport. I loved to play when I was young and into early adulthood. I love coaching, I think, even more. It is a huge thrill for me and a privilege to guide and instruct and (hopefully) instil a passion for the game. It really is the best-ever team sport. In my opinion anyway.

Now, I ready myself for a trip into the city, to meet my dear friend for dinner. We’re heading to a fabulous Mexican restaurant in the heart of Melbourne. I couldn’t be more excited.

This post has nothing to do with today’s word prompt, canal. Just in case you’re wondering.


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