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Twin lunch

I am watching T1 and T2 devour their lunch. Sure, they are hungry, but they’re also gobbling food as I’ve told them they can have their iPads after lunch. Sneaky little chaps tried to begin eating at 11.15AM, but I’m all over that nonsense. Ha!

It is school holidays. I have had a couple of freelance jobs trickle my way. Our Girl is at a netball holiday program for the next three days. Hubster is redecorating a new-to-us wardrobe for her. Aside from the constant droning of annoying YouTubers, it is quiet. Holiday lunch for my boys today are mac’n’cheese and a beef noodle cup thingo. Gross, to both options. But the boys are happy. They shovel the food in, despite my pleading for them to slow down, it’s hot! They are divine. I am blessed.

Give me a few days, I’m sure my regular whinging about school hols and my loud, obnoxious children will take over. But right now, I’m hungry too and the kitchen is free of offspring.



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